Friday Five

Once again, this post is late. I spent 2 days off work fighting a cold and could not summon the energy to think of my 5 words for Friday. So, although I'm tardy, here they are:

  1. Ox - Monday was Chinese New Year's Day - the Year of the Ox
  2. Hockey - My DS had a late hockey game on Tuesday and early basketball practic the next morning. This creates one tired mom.
  3. Red - I have had the colour red on my mind lately. Since we are redecorating, we will be using black as our anchor colour and red for accent. So, I've been looking for budget conscious ways to incorporate it into our home.
  4. Tissues - no explanation needed
  5. Takeout - lots of takeout and delivery this week as I have not been able to deal with cooking.

Do you have 5 words to describe your week?

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