Holiday Greetings

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


More Buttons!

I think I have developed an addiction to buttons. As I was looking at the H-U-G-E box of buttons that I have accumulated over the last few weeks, I envisioned them as a ball ornament for my tree. This is what I came up with, but lol, it turns out that I made it so large that it'll be much too heavy to hang on a tree! Still, I love the way it looks, so I think I'll put it on top of a glass or vase.

I just may have to visit Wally's to buy some smaller styro balls so I can make a few that are more suitable for hanging. They will bring more of a handmade feeling to my tree this year.


Countdown to Christmas, eeek!

With the holidays fast approaching, it has been non-stop crafting for myself and the kids. I learned a technique a few years ago for making these cute triangle treat boxes. So, I thought they might be perfect for my princess to pass out Christmas treats to her little friends at school.

Each one holds 2 small chocolates and in lieu of Christmas cards, we decided that making little tags might be easier and less time consuming (which is great when your under a time crunch).

I really should have taken pictures along the way to create a tutorial, but as I said, we were in a hurry.


More Gift Ideas - under $40US

Just found a few other GREAT gift ideas for under $40!

Great Neck Ties from CYBEROPTIX TIE LAB

A Beautiful Pendant from DIVA LOVES SILVER

Cute toys for the little ones from BLOSSOM TOYS

Much of my shopping has been on www.etsy.com , a fantastic site for perusing the world of handmade. Give a try, and I can almost bet you will be just as hooked as I am!


Online Handcrafted Gift Ideas - under $40US

I've been online shopping a lot lately. And I do mean A L-O-T. Last week, I received 5 packages by mail. And, mostly, the packages are coming from small homebased businesses, so I feel good about where I am spending my gift budget. I especially love that these my online purchases have been for handcrafted items.

And, there are a few items that I would love to buy, but to whom would I give them? Don't know yet, but I wanted to share:

CANADIAN ROCKIES - Black Onyx Sterling Silver Ring, $32US

OH SO RETRO DESIGN - Isobelle Shaped Purse in Celery Green Damask, $36US