Happy Fridge Art

Just a quick post to share a photo of DD's magnet creation!
It was just so cheery to look at that I had to take a picture....


Books can be cute too!

I scored this cute little book while perusing the aisles at Home Sense yesterday. I plan on making some of the bags that I found within it's pages for the little princess' in my life, especially DD and my darling nieces.

My interest in this craft is at an all-time high. And I've bought enough yarn to make my next 3 projects, so I hope this obsession is not too short-lived or I will have one upset hubby!

Do you ever do that? You know, get so absorbed in a craft that you keep buying supplies, even though you probably won't be using them anytime soon? Or am I the only one with this disease?


A Neighbourhood in Bloom

Oh the beauty that is Spring! While out with DH this week, we decided to take a small detour through the neighbourhood of Brentwood Park. Luckily, we had our trusty camera with us and took the following photos. Just wanted to share the beauty!

I hope that you are all having a lovely weekend!


Other Amy or Amie(s)

I have discovered that my name is not so unique if you look for it spelt A-m-y!
Here are just 3 examples that I just *heart*:

Amy Cornell Designs - Mother's Necklace

Amy Olsen Jewellery - Azure Necklace (such a lovely shop!)

Amy Rose Design - Reversible Bib (fashionable baby accessories!)

Etsy Link Love that will make you drool!

Most of my family and friends know what a sweet tooth I have. So, I bet they would be surprised that I haven't, until recently, been shopping for sweets online. I *heart* to shop and window shop online. Well, it's a good thing! I decided to peruse the "Plants and Edibles" section of Etsy, and take a look! Here is just a tiny sample of what you will find there....

Sweet Tooth Sweetie

Just looking at these photos are making my sweet tooth ache!


The Need to Create

Almost 30 years ago, my dear mother taught me how to crochet because I just kept bugging her to teach me one of her crafts. My mom learned these crafts out of necessity, at a time when store bought sweaters and clothing was just too expensive and hard to come by when living in a small town. So, she had figured that her daughters, who would eventually end up growing up in the city would not be too interested. She was wrong. The need to create with our own hands, has been deeply coded into our DNA. We've inherited this creative gene that has been passed on from my grandfather (a musician and chinese opera coach), to my mother, to my sister and I, and now, to my own DD.

And while I have perhaps not completely mastered the art of crochet, I do love it. So, I recently challenged myself to create something that I could put on display. And I chose this pretty medallion trivet as my first project in many years....

This took me about a week, not bad, considering I was only working on it during gymnastic practices, hockey practices and the few minutes I had to myself after the kidlets went to bed. Depending on your screen, it may or may not look like the light aqua blue that it is. And it is super thick, so I do need to be careful of what sits atop it. Perhaps a nice large vase of flowers? I think I could treat myself to flowers on a weekly basis, right?

How about you? If you love to create, who taught or inspired you to learn your craft or art?


Lazy Sunday and a Creative Home

Oh, what a wonderfully lazy Sunday! We spent part of the morning with family and then, nothing but relaxation. I bought myself a copy of Creative Home. Sadly, it's the last issue :(. Another one bites the dust.

I was also able to complete my crocheted Medallion Trivet. Need to snap a photo of it, as I'm very proud of how it turned out! I did it a light aqua, much like the colour of my kitchen. Now, I'm working on a table runner. I was inspired by one I saw on Decor8 .

I hope you also had a rejuvenating weekend!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you and your families!


Friday Five 09.Apr.03

Five words this Friday:


What a lovely week! Despite the princess having a nasty cold, my super-wicked allergies, a leaky tap, and a huge furnace servicing bill, I have been very thankful that I have not set foot into an ice arena this week.

Don't think for a minute that I don't enjoy watching my not-so-little prince flying around the ice on his magic skates with his beloved hockey stick, but after 7 months of 4-5 ice times a week, I was ready for a break. This is the very reason why Papercraftinghockeymom has not had an updated post in many months. I just can't keep up with 2 blogs. So, I will only be closing down the other as soon as I have a moment to do so.

And I've decided that this blog is just not about papercrafting, but about what random thoughts I have going through my mind. I have also been crocheting and decorating, so really, I am branching out in terms of my hobbies and interests. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm getting back to the old me again. Which, teehee, drives my husband bonkers.

So, please, tell what your week has brought you? I love to read comments, so please share!