Dressed windows, yayyyyy

After 7 weeks of waiting and then finally confronting the Budget Blin*$ location in Bby., we have window coverings. We ordered 2 inch faux wood blinds for all but 3 small windows. Excuse after excuse had been given for why they had not arrived within the 3 week time span. But, I'm glad to be able to say that the saga has ended and we have dressed windows. No more nosey neighbours looking into our partially renovated home.

Living/Family Room

Dining Room

And I've started a little budget conscious "art" project. While perusing the hardwood floors are the big orange square, HD, I came across these handy little vinyl tiles that come in a package of four. So, I thought they might look good framed. Here they are before, (frame only $20Cdn at Wally's):

Add a 12 x 12 sheet of linen textured scrapbooking cardstock, and it comes out looking like this:

It's not permanently stuck together, since I'm not sure about the background colour. But, I'm also thinking it might be interested to be able to change the colours when I tire of the rusty red. Any thoughts?


Friday Five

I know, I know, it's actually Saturday. But, in my defense, I was super busy at work yesterday and then went to dinner with Granny to celebrate Chinese New Year's (which was super delish).

So, my five words for Friday this week:


Lighter - I was down 2 lbs on Wed at my weekly weigh-in! Yay for me!

Confrontation - I had to confront the sales rep at budget blin*s about the lies he was telling us about our order. It had been 7 weeks since we placed the order.

Paper - I had a mountain of paperwork cross my desk this week. So glad I've caught up!

Tea - my new hot drink of choice, for the time being. I've been going through a phase of coffee not tasting as good as it should (shocking, I know!)

Blinds - VICTORY! I have blinds on my windows now! Will have to post the pics when I get a chance.

Now, what are your Five Words?


Friday Five

The new Virgin Radio station here in town was asking listeners to text or email 5 words that would describe their week. I thought it might be fun to do this each Friday.

Here are mine:
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Chauffeur
  • Naked windows

Now, how about you? Please leave me your five words here, or send me a link if you post it on your own blog!


Etsy Vintage Love

Along with my new obsession with buttons, I have found that I'm particularly drawn to vintage housewares. On a weekend getaway last spring, I dropped into a little antique store on the Sunshine Coast and bought what I thought was just a cute teapot. Turns out it's a 1940-50's vintage Melitta coffeepot/teapot! Well, now I'm constantly on the lookout for more vintage housewares, such as these:

Buppins: Vintage Compotes

You know when you get that "I've got to have those!" feelings? Well, I feel that when I look at this picture, but alas, they aren't available for shipment to Canada :(.

I'm also really diggin' The Collectors Closet: Vintage Powder Box

And this is what I get when I combine my two newest obsessions!

Button Construction: Vintage Buttons


Decorating on a Budget

I just found some good tips on the Real Simple blog. Thought I would share:


Just what I need as I look at the almost clean slate that I have at home. My home is slowly coming back to order as the Christmas tree has been put away. We only managed to put up 2 photos after the painters left on Dec. 18th, as we've decided that we're going for a more simple modern look. So, be forewarned, I will be posting or twitter-ing a lot about what I find on Etsy!


Great Recycling Idea

I found a great idea on Crafting Bliss about recycling greeting cards. I think this would be good on any occasion, not just the holidays.

Whenever I mess up a card I'm trying to create, I try to use as much of the original as possible to create something else. I think it's time we all try to be kind to our one and only earth.