Dressed windows, yayyyyy

After 7 weeks of waiting and then finally confronting the Budget Blin*$ location in Bby., we have window coverings. We ordered 2 inch faux wood blinds for all but 3 small windows. Excuse after excuse had been given for why they had not arrived within the 3 week time span. But, I'm glad to be able to say that the saga has ended and we have dressed windows. No more nosey neighbours looking into our partially renovated home.

Living/Family Room

Dining Room

And I've started a little budget conscious "art" project. While perusing the hardwood floors are the big orange square, HD, I came across these handy little vinyl tiles that come in a package of four. So, I thought they might look good framed. Here they are before, (frame only $20Cdn at Wally's):

Add a 12 x 12 sheet of linen textured scrapbooking cardstock, and it comes out looking like this:

It's not permanently stuck together, since I'm not sure about the background colour. But, I'm also thinking it might be interested to be able to change the colours when I tire of the rusty red. Any thoughts?


  1. Love your new blinds!! Lucky you having such great new window coverings! Our new windows (for the whole house!) get installed on Feb 9 and so I'm trying to have some idea of what I want before then.

  2. Love the colors! It's an inexpensive project and it adds alot of color and uniqueness too!

    The blinds look great too!

  3. Your window covering look lovely!!I think you have purchase in a good price. For our new house windows we got installed with the price higher than this.Your are luck man!!

  4. Thanks for the blog-love!

    I absolutely LOVE your budget-conscious art! Definitely something I am going to try soon. For the record I love the rusty red ;)