Using the pause button

I had to make a tough decision this past weekend regarding my Etsy shop. And I have decided to put the online store on hold until the Summer of 2008.

I've put in so much time and effort into starting the shop, learning the ropes, etc., while my personal life was on hold. I need to take a break, get things back in order, and then come back to the store. Etsy has been fabulous, but it does take a fair amount of time to promote the shop. Time that I can't spare until things are normal again.

Therefore, the online store will not be stocked up with inventory as it usually is. Instead, I will be taking small custom orders, so as not to abandon the customers that I've been so fortunate to meet over the last 12 months. So, if you wish to purchase/order cards, etc., please feel to contact me via email: amiedesigns@yahoo.ca

But, I do plan to blog about my creations during the break. I am hoping to get back to the scrapbooking as my creative outlet, so there will be pictures.

For my few readers....Thank you for coming by today, and please keep checking in, as I am sure that this blog will have to be the replacement for my daily internet fix.


A few thoughts on Craft Shows

Some observations about Craft Shows:

They are hard work if you are a vendor! I had a pretty simple setup for this weekend's show at Delbrook recCentre, but as I was looking around at others' setup, I was amazed at how much work is involved. Wish I had taken pictures of the other booths, but here is my humble table:

And always bring as much inventory as possible, because you just never know what might be popular. For instance, I thought that this card might be a good seller:

But, it turns out these little items were the most popular:

Sadly, I did not bring enough of them along with me. So, I did lose out on a sale.

And, snow is not the best weather to have on the day of a craft show.