Etsy Vintage Love

Along with my new obsession with buttons, I have found that I'm particularly drawn to vintage housewares. On a weekend getaway last spring, I dropped into a little antique store on the Sunshine Coast and bought what I thought was just a cute teapot. Turns out it's a 1940-50's vintage Melitta coffeepot/teapot! Well, now I'm constantly on the lookout for more vintage housewares, such as these:

Buppins: Vintage Compotes

You know when you get that "I've got to have those!" feelings? Well, I feel that when I look at this picture, but alas, they aren't available for shipment to Canada :(.

I'm also really diggin' The Collectors Closet: Vintage Powder Box

And this is what I get when I combine my two newest obsessions!

Button Construction: Vintage Buttons


  1. You know Amie, I SWEAR there was a Buttons conference in Ottawa last year. It was on the CBC and I saw and ad. But when I google it now, I can't find anything :(

    AND as for the seller who doesn't ship to Canada, they might if you convo them? I once found the perfect gift for my parents in a shop that only shipped within the States. So I convo'ed the seller and she changed the listing in question so that I could purchase it. Doesn't hurt to ask :)

    Happy day!

  2. I used to have a couple of those footed milk glass bowls when I was a kid. One of them had a red ribbon woven through the holes and I just threw my little junk/treasures in them. I got them at a yard sale or something for under a dollar. They are long gone, though. I can't even remember what happened to them.