Friday Five

I know, I know, it's actually Saturday. But, in my defense, I was super busy at work yesterday and then went to dinner with Granny to celebrate Chinese New Year's (which was super delish).

So, my five words for Friday this week:


Lighter - I was down 2 lbs on Wed at my weekly weigh-in! Yay for me!

Confrontation - I had to confront the sales rep at budget blin*s about the lies he was telling us about our order. It had been 7 weeks since we placed the order.

Paper - I had a mountain of paperwork cross my desk this week. So glad I've caught up!

Tea - my new hot drink of choice, for the time being. I've been going through a phase of coffee not tasting as good as it should (shocking, I know!)

Blinds - VICTORY! I have blinds on my windows now! Will have to post the pics when I get a chance.

Now, what are your Five Words?

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  1. Ok so my five words is never on Friday.


    Fun- going to the Science Centre with Sarah's Class today

    Warmer- the temperature is finally getting up there so I'm not always a popsicle!

    Argue- with Andrew over the window coverings!!! He just finds it easier to spend more than I do!

    Oatmeal- I've really gotten into eating that a lot for breakie.

    Music- something I hear all the time in my house... Sarah- piano and recorder (next year flute), Julia- guitar and clarinet (she just joined the jazz band with her clarinet so now it's more fun than just regular band!)and soon to be voice as well, Kendra- piano and flute.