Friday Five

The new Virgin Radio station here in town was asking listeners to text or email 5 words that would describe their week. I thought it might be fun to do this each Friday.

Here are mine:
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Chauffeur
  • Naked windows

Now, how about you? Please leave me your five words here, or send me a link if you post it on your own blog!

1 comment:

  1. I know it's Thursday but I wish it was Friday! So here are my five Friday words:

    Okay so it's freezing here today and after having some nice weather I'm just not into it at all!!!! (and when I say cold- it's -30 and blowing snow!). The confusion is over trying to figure out what I'm going to hang over my new windows that will be installed in just over a week.... Math is because Julia is studying for a test tomorrow (I'm sure she'll do great as she's had an amazing year so far with an awesome teacher!). Rockband is for Kendra and Sarah since that's what they are doing on this cold day since they are done their homework (Kendra is off for exams for two weeks right now). And finally tea is what I'm going to be enjoying at the end of this cold cold day...... ahhhhh...... I like this five word thing!