Friday Five 09.Mar.20

Bubbletea - treat for me and the kidlets while at Coquitlam Town Centre. For the un-initiated in the world of "Boba" Tea, click here: wikipedia

Mirror - oh, my DH can be so extraordinarily great some days! He came home with a stupendously large black framed mirror for the dining room. Will take pics of it this weekend. Looks great up on the buffet.

Springbreak - 2 kidlets on break this week means a lot of energy needs to be burned up this weekend.

Sushi - had this at least 3 times this week. I think I will soon resemble a cali roll.

Jeans - ugh, no fun shopping.

How about you? What are your 5 words to describe your week? I love to read your comments, so please, don't be shy, and tell me about your week.

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