Friday Five 09.Mar.13

Where did the last 2 weeks go? I just realized that I missed posting my Five word for Friday last week. I think I easily get distracted by pretty things. But here goes:

1. Nesting
2. Shopping
3. Scale
4. Mittens
5. Afghan

I've spending a LOT of time blog surfing to get some badly needed inspiration to finish up on the re-decoration of the main floor of our townhome. I know that I don't want everything storebought or new, even. Just new to us. I'm looking to combine the old and new, which means it's taking much longer to find things on our tight budget. One thing that I am working on is a Crocheted Granny Square Afghan. Will post that when I'm done.

My weekly weigh-in at the diet center did not go very well. I'm up .8 lb and this was not a total surprise considering the poor menu choices I've been making. So, I've been putting on my mittens, winter coat and boots, and heading out for walks with the DH and our four-legged child, Koko.

How has your week been? Anything new you'd like to share?

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  1. Hit "post comment" and then immediately navigated away from the page. Good going, me.

    What I said in my original comment was that I'm trying to redo our kitchen right now (just the walls and our storage furniture) so I'm doing a lot of blog surfing, too.

    Every time I find something I like, though, I find out our apartment has some sort of weird structural thing that prevents me from being able to do it--like cement walls behind the pretty wall, so we can't put up any shelves or anything. Ugh.