The Need to Create

Almost 30 years ago, my dear mother taught me how to crochet because I just kept bugging her to teach me one of her crafts. My mom learned these crafts out of necessity, at a time when store bought sweaters and clothing was just too expensive and hard to come by when living in a small town. So, she had figured that her daughters, who would eventually end up growing up in the city would not be too interested. She was wrong. The need to create with our own hands, has been deeply coded into our DNA. We've inherited this creative gene that has been passed on from my grandfather (a musician and chinese opera coach), to my mother, to my sister and I, and now, to my own DD.

And while I have perhaps not completely mastered the art of crochet, I do love it. So, I recently challenged myself to create something that I could put on display. And I chose this pretty medallion trivet as my first project in many years....

This took me about a week, not bad, considering I was only working on it during gymnastic practices, hockey practices and the few minutes I had to myself after the kidlets went to bed. Depending on your screen, it may or may not look like the light aqua blue that it is. And it is super thick, so I do need to be careful of what sits atop it. Perhaps a nice large vase of flowers? I think I could treat myself to flowers on a weekly basis, right?

How about you? If you love to create, who taught or inspired you to learn your craft or art?

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