A soft place to play

Almost 3 months ago we installed new flooring on the main floor of our little nest in the forest. What I didn't realize at the time was that our kids would miss the warmth of carpeting for playing on. They still also enjoy laying on their bellies and watching tv from down there. So, before the holidays, I thought that it would easy to find an area rug that both DH and I could agree on. W-R-O-N-G.

I'm happy to say that after going through 8 or 9 other stores, we found one that we thought would work. Brought it home, and the kids were immediately unrolling it for us and put it in place. So, it's received the stamp of approval from everyone in the house, doggie included.

New Rug! on 365 Project

I know that red can be too intense for some, and I was worried myself. However, after having this in the family room for the last 3 days, I must say that I love seeing it against the new dark floors. It injects the colour that was needed.

Now...my search for new couches and armchairs begin.

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