Long lost chicken recipe - found

On the weekend, while going through a very deep junk drawer I came across a long lost recipe for Honey Mustard Chicken. I prepared this last night and was told by my picky DH that he would love for that dinner to make it into my regular repertoire.

So, since I like to share what I can, here it is...

Honey Mustard Chicken

1/3 c. honey
1/3 grainy mustard
1 tbsp dried dill weed
1 - 2 tbsp grated orange peel, fresh
2 - 3 lbs of chicken pieces (bone in, with skin)

Mix first 4 ingredients together. Rinse and pat dry chicken, and place on a roasting pan. Spread honey-mustard mix under AND on top of the skin. Bake for about 35-40 mins in a 400F oven.

This was awesome with mashed potatoes and roasted brocoli. The kidlets ate up their dinners and asked for seconds (a rare occurance in this household )


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