More Buttons!

I think I have developed an addiction to buttons. As I was looking at the H-U-G-E box of buttons that I have accumulated over the last few weeks, I envisioned them as a ball ornament for my tree. This is what I came up with, but lol, it turns out that I made it so large that it'll be much too heavy to hang on a tree! Still, I love the way it looks, so I think I'll put it on top of a glass or vase.

I just may have to visit Wally's to buy some smaller styro balls so I can make a few that are more suitable for hanging. They will bring more of a handmade feeling to my tree this year.


  1. I heard recently about a Button Convention... I think you need to go!

  2. That's a cute idea! What a lot of buttons... It looks like the sort of thing I wouldn't have patience for!

  3. I love this with the multi colored buttons! I made a small one a long time ago with all white buttons. I also made a little doll by stringing buttons and beads, but my daughter (teen at the time) found it so hilarious that I was a bit disheartened.
    I think I'll just make another one!