A few thoughts on Craft Shows

Some observations about Craft Shows:

They are hard work if you are a vendor! I had a pretty simple setup for this weekend's show at Delbrook recCentre, but as I was looking around at others' setup, I was amazed at how much work is involved. Wish I had taken pictures of the other booths, but here is my humble table:

And always bring as much inventory as possible, because you just never know what might be popular. For instance, I thought that this card might be a good seller:

But, it turns out these little items were the most popular:

Sadly, I did not bring enough of them along with me. So, I did lose out on a sale.

And, snow is not the best weather to have on the day of a craft show.

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  1. You know, the snow definitely wasn't anyone's friend this weekend who was doing a craft show!!!

    Your table looked nice though.