Taking Risks

I'm not a Salesperson. Never have been, can't imagine ever being one. However, this holiday long weekend, I took a chance. I felt brave.

And so, I headed into a shop in Chase, BC, to see just how brave I could be. I had heard very nice things about this store and how they seemed to always have unique jewellery, clothing, and gift items. Well, I showed my cards and the new altered notebooks and address books. They showed great interest in the books! They are already carrying a line of greeting cards and don't wish to change that. Fair enough. But, the exciting part is that they purchased the few books that I took in, and ordered several more.

I will share their information, when I have their permission. But, I am doing the happy dance!

I think perhaps that the market for greeting cards is very competitive. However, altered and customized items are a different story. Much of what I do get in custom orders are usually for items that can't be mass produced by the giant companies. This is something that I will have to consider over the summer, as I work on expanding my product lines.

So, I have a lot to work ahead of me......but it's work that I'm so happy to have!


  1. Amie - congratulations!!! That's such great news.

    BTW - I gave one of the b-day cards to my friend this past weekend and it got rave reviews...of course:)

  2. Amie, I'm so happy for you! Congrats!!!!

  3. Congrats to you! Way to step outside of your comfort zone.